Detox – The End or . . . .

23 May
Just the beginning??
We officially completed  the cleanse last night and had a more mainstream dinner.  We ate soft tacos with lots of veggies, homemade salsa, homemade guacamole, and a hint of meat and cheese for Dave.  He stacked his delectables on a gluten-free wrap. He didn’t love the wrap but the entire meal was headache and stomach ache free.  Yeah!
From here, we are committed to juicing for breakfast and investigating veggie-rich cooking.   Hopefully that will help both of us stay happy and healthy and at our ideal weights.
If I were to sum up all that I’ve learned during these past 21 days, it would go something like this:
  • Meal planning, shopping and cooking is a team sport.
  • A mindfully prepared meal is a mindfully consumed meal.
  • Feeling too full is worse than feeling hungry.
  • Hunger can be mistaken for thirst.
  • Fruit is sweet.
  • Kale cannot be camouflaged. No how. No way. 

    Kate: Still not feeling the love


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